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CS 1.6 Video contest

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We are happy to announce the first video contest. Since PHOBIA community has its own youtube channel we're so impatiently waiting to upload something nice there. We hope to attract every video maker who has a passion for making videos, edits of Counter-Strike 1.6 gameplay. Information about rules, deadlines, prizes, conditions will be provided bellow. We have a modest 100€ budget for this contest for today. However, we decided to distribute the prizes in a more fair way this time. We believe every of you are creative personalities so we will not rate your skills that much and try avoiding competitive feelings. 



  • To attend the contest you have to be registered on our website & discord.
  • To attend the contest you must reply on this topic:
  1. How did you found the info about the contest and why have you decided to attend. (Example: That's my passion. / I want those 20€!)
  2. Your discord.
  • Video must be recorded playing only PHOBIA servers.
  • Type: fragmovie, story, informative, advertising, representative, etc. The most important thing is your skill, imagination and heart you will put in making your job.
  • Lenght: 1-10 minutes.
  • As soon as you'll finish your work you should contact me privately on the website or discord pauldrabi#9117. We will ask you for your video to be uploaded on some kind of files uploading platform like WeTransfer. Just right 1 day before the deadline we will upload all the contestants videos on our youtube channel. Your video will appear on this topic like every other video. We will list them and will make a poll for PHOBIA community to vote. The highest rated videos will win prizes! 


  1. 20 € + VIP + PHOBIA Video Creator role.
  2. 20 € + VIP + PHOBIA Video Creator role.
  3. 20 € + VIP + PHOBIA Video Creator role.
  4. 20 € + VIP + PHOBIA Video Creator role.
  5. 20 € + VIP + PHOBIA Video Creator role.
  • 6-10 places will be awarded with 3 months lenght of VIP / ADMIN privileges on every PHOBIA server.
  • We guarantee that you will be awarded even if you are not out of the TOP.


  • You must answer to this topic until 2023/03/10 and send us the video not later than 2023/04/15. The winner will be announced on 2023/04/20.


❗This topic will be updated if necessary so don't forget to keep updating yourself with the info that might get dynamic.


Good luck! 🔥




PHOBIA Administration

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