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Player rules


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Privileges doesn't relieve from responsibility!

No matter what privileges you have - rules are the same for everyone, so abusing will lead you to punishment. Our actions are final and not subject to appeal!



❗ Administrator reserves all the rights to determine, decide & apply the punishment, its type and lenght according to the circumstances. 

❗ Using Cheats/Scripts will lead you to permanent ban instantly.

❗ For breaking any other rules, administrator will first:

  1. Warn you
  2. Slay/Slap (if needed)
  3. Kick (if needed)
  4. BAN 1-60 minutes (if player doesn't stop abusing)
  5. BAN (permanently, if any other warns didn't help)

🔹 Rules list

  • Cheating/Scripts
  • Racism
  • Racistic nickname
  • Swearing
  • Insulting
  • Clan/Nick copying.
  • Blocking players
  • Meaningless use of voice chat.
  • 16bit quality settings.
  • Flooding/Spamming.
  • Colored models.
  • Reconnecting, skillpoints abusing (found you killing afk players with knife or teaming using multi-client).
  • Advertising. (CHAT & NICK)
  • Troublemaking
  • Avoiding play C4
  • Spawn Camping.
  • Abusing SGS, BunnyHop scripts.
  • [CS:GO MOD] Fake trades can result with account reset.
  • [ZM] Camping at unreachable spots.
  • [ZM] Abusing gameplay with bugged map spots. 
  • [ZM] Giving free ammo packs.
  • [ZM] Buying nemesis in the middle of the round.
  • [ZM] Making yourself 1st zombie, nemesis, survivor might lead you to warning, later other punishments.



PHOBIA Administration. 

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