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  1. This flag means you have a power to control our server. This is not only give you a free VIP privileges, but let's you BAN, KICK, SLAY/SLAP players.
  2. You have a special admin menu that helps you to control the game. To open menu type amxmodmenu in your console.
  3. Admin is a respectable person in here. You have to read all the RULES before you buy this feature and make sure not breaking them.
  4. No matter who are you and what kind of privileges you have (DONATOR/VIP/ADMIN/PLAYER) - rules abusing will lead you to punishment and privilege removal.
  5. Our actions are final and not subject to appeal.

Before losing admin privilege you will be warned 3 times.

⭕ Warn list

  1. Breaking player rules.
  2. Meaningless use of admin say (@).
  3. Swearing on (@)
  4. Kick/slap/slay/ban for fun.
  5. Changing maps, unless it's bugged or map size doesn't match players amount.
  6. Bringing votes for fun.
  7. BAN players due to personal reasons.

⭕ ADVICE: Remember, admin is a respectable person in here. Please avoid breaking any of rules provided above before losing privileges. You can always consult with any of head-admin if you are not sure about the situation.


PHOBIA Administration.


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