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  1. Server. [zombie] English level. Fluent Extra languages? Serbia,ENGLISH In-Game nickname. MeDeA Discord username. MeDeA#2270 Link to your steam account. I don't have a seam Real name Lazar Age 16 Country Serbia How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6? 7 year For how long are you playing PHOBIA servers? I entered earlier about 7 days ago Have you donated to PHOBIA? I didn't, I will donate How did you find our community/servers? so i was looking for a server on gametracker and i found this one Tell us about your experience being an administrator. experience 9/10 The reason for applying. (Tell us the reason you are applying for. Why do you want to become a part of PHOBIA crew? How useful you can be?) I think you are good and I will be good I believe that open communication and mutual trust are essential for building strong, productive working relationships, and I am committed to upholding these values in my role as a member of your Administration team. How much time do you spend playing on our servers?I so 3.4 hours every day Introduce yourself. greetings, I'm Lazar, I live in Serbia, the place Kosovo is very nice, I watch TV and movies.
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  2. Hello, @lazaar_tasic. You have applied in a wrong forum. The right place for applications is on "Staff Applications" section. Please be more careful next time. Your application is declined due to following reasons: ◖You didn't provided your steam account. ◖The time you are playing our servers is not long enough. However, thank you for applying. Your application might be re-considered if you will get a legal version of a game "STEAM" and spend more time playing our servers, like 2-3 weeks. If you will improve these points you can open a new application again but next time on a right forum, please. Thank you!
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