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Admin sadyvied


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  • Server.   CSDM
  • English level  FLUENT
  • Extra languages? LITHUANIAN
  • In-Game nickname sadyvied
  • Discord username sadyvied#7202
  • Link to your steam account. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198339164540/
  • Real name Deivydas
  • Age 27
  • Country Norway
  • How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6?   10+ years
  • For how long are you playing PHOBIA servers?  About 3 months
  • Have you donated to PHOBIA? No
  • How did you found our community/servers? Just in internet
  • Tell us about your experience being administrator. Have you ever worked on any other project? I had my little counter strike 1.6 project  10 years ago and i know how to use administrator commands and how to be administrator
  • The reason for applying. (Tell us the reason you are applying for. Why do you want to become a part of PHOBIA crew? How useful you can be?) Im just playing everyday and enjoying to play in this server, i think i can be a part of phobia community 🙂
  • How much time you spend playing in our servers? 2-3 hours everyday 
  • Introduce yourself. (Tell us more about yourself. Like hobbies, skills, your free time shortly). My name is Deivydas, i am 27 years old. I am Lithuanian but living in Norway. My favourite hobbies are: playing tennis, running and hiking 
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