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Staff Application for Zombie Server


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  • Server. (Which server you are applying for - PUBLIC/CSDM/CSGO MOD/ZOMBIE) Zombie
  • English level. (bad, normal, fluent, excellent) Normal
  • Extra languages? Urdu English
  • In-Game nickname. GaMeR*
  • Discord username. (example: PK | GaMeR*)
  • Link to your steam account. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Pakistanidotaplayer
  • Real name Sameer Saeed
  • Age 24
  • Country Pakistan
  • How long do you play Counter-Strike 1.6? 13 years
  • For how long are you playing PHOBIA servers? 1 year
  • Have you donated to PHOBIA? i will
  • How did you found our community/servers? alot of old player like FMRaio old friend share this community i fount bcuz of him
  • Tell us about your experience being administrator. Have you ever worked on any other project? Administrator is amazing job i working day by day for making new what people like the server
  • The reason for applying. (Few Month ago i m inactive in your community some issues in my real life now life going good now i want to permanent stay this community and help for suggestion and alot of thing  )
  • How much time you spend playing in our servers? 5 to 6 hour in Zombie and something in CSDM
  • Introduce yourself. (My name is Sameer Saeed And i m From Pakistan i love to play PC Games like CS.16,CSGO,CS2,PUBG and manymore games and i love to play Cricket and 8 Ball Pool and i m Embroidery Designer i have enough Work to say my Self Thank You).
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